Vorple and Api Calls

Hey there, first post here and newly minted member of the community. I’ve decided to use inform 7 as part of my bachelor’s thesis, “Developing an IF project with modern tools”. An extension of said tools is hopefully going to be Vorple, which seems like a great way to spice up the capabilities of the authoring system. Still, i’ve seen a fairly limited amount of actual projects done with vorple, and i’m wondering how one would go about issuing an API call through the use of it. My programming background is mostly limited to Java, so learning Javascript is also a part of the process. I’d appreciate any pointers towards issuing the API call and processing the returned “object”, be it a string or hopefully, an image.
If i’ve missed an obvious resource due to my lacking google-fu, a simple link to a relevant project would also be much appreciated. Thanks!

Are you talking about calling JavaScript functions directly from I7? It looks like it’s execute JavaScript command "blah blah blah" and then getting the result with the value returned by the JavaScript command (from the Executing JavaScript code section of the Vorple docs).

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Hah, the simplicity of your answer makes me think that i just need to spend more time familiarising myself with the tools themselves. The fast answer is much appreciated!