VMWare Workstation Pro now free for personal use (May 2024)

In something that may be of use to some here in their computer lives, or IF development lives; this product called VMWare Workstation Pro has just become free for personal use:

It lets you run the popular modern OSes (Mac, Windows, Linux) in a virtual sandbox on your computer that normally wouldn’t run it. For instance for me, it says I could run Windows 11 on my Mac.

Am I interesteed in this kind of thing? Yes. Have I tried this product yet? No.

I have a feeling people who are either more au fait with this product, or this kind of thing or the machinations of software development in general (there are many on this forum) may chime in and say whether this looks good, or what they know about it, etc. Standing where I’m standing, I’m going to tentatively say, it looks good.



I use a virtual Linux machine on Windows to run Zarf’s regression script, as I never did figure out how to compile the C code on Windows. (There was a problem with sockets and servers on Windows.) Oracle VM in this case.

Quick googles suggest VMWare is the superior product.


I’ve been using VirtualBox for the past decade (also free). I’m not sure how it compares.


VMWare “player” was free for some years. Apparently, now discontinued, so the “pro” replaces it for personal use. I’ll check it out later and see if it’s better.