Viv Dunstan's quick ECTOCOMP 2022 thoughts

Managed to play and judge 15 ECTOCOMP games, which I think is all I’ll probably manage. I focused primarily on those with fewer ratings, but also tried a few others.

My highlight was The Spectators. If that had been in IFComp I’d have given it 10 points, and still not thought that was enough.

I also greatly enjoyed the originality - interface and story - of The Haunted Help Desk. As a former computer scientist this one made me laugh so much.

And I am agog at what The Enigma of the Old Manor House managed in under 4 hours coding.

But I enjoyed everything, and was wowed again by the creativity on show. Thanks folks!

And to everyone else please keep judging these. Often the games can be played very quickly. Reviews are nice, but we really need ratings now.


Thanks, Viv! Even if it had been finished in time for IFComp, which it wasn’t, I think it’s too long to have done well there.

I appreciate the kind words about it!