Visionary v1.00 Released! Bugreps and suggs always welcome

Hello all,

Just a quick heads up that Visionary v1.00 has now been released. If you find any bugs or would like to suggest some stuff which are (a) basic enough for me to code quickly which will (b) make life easier for you when making games, then please message here.


Whats New in v1.00:

  • Added autoresizing of form and controls for different size monitors to break the shackles of fixed size of 1024x768 for my laptop when Visionary was used as a decoder for the SAF format (and to build R!).

  • Added menu item and INI parameter to determine if user wants to change font size as well when form auto-resizes.
    (Useful in remaining small if users wish to see more on screen).

  • Added background colour parameter options in INI file if users wish different colour scheme.

Excellent work! Might port CASTLE BLACKSTORME to Visionary… Having a bit of odds at the DOSBox intense idea of PC PAWS… Great system but hardly to no fanbase on it… So I’m game with designing old school games this way as well! Thanks for the offering!

No worries and thanks for the feedback. Sorry not replied for a few days, I’v been a bit ropey, but on the mend now, catching up with everything.

If you do use Visionary, if there is anything I can add to it functionality wise to make your life easier in it for controlling it, which is quick and easy for me to code in, please let me know and I’ll bang out a v1.01 :slight_smile:

I’m currently thinking of coding in a “proper” file open / save dialog box" which should also be in v1.01.

In the mean time, have fun!

To anyone who wasn’t aware, the latest release of Gargoyle includes a Glk port of ScottFree, so it should be able to play games created by Visionary. For them to be recognized, however, they need an extension of .saga, not the more conventional .dat (mainly because AdvSys has already claimed that extension in Gargoyle).

I just sent an email for your Visionary program Mr.(or Ms.) therealeasterbunny, might as well ask to give you a suggestion on adding the LOAD/RESTORE ANY command to your Visionary… after 10 minutes of fiddling with everything, I understand how to use it nice and fine :slight_smile: