Virus detected in LMK.exe of Land of the Mountain King

I’m running Windows 10 Pro, and my latest automatic security scan found a “severe” virus called Zpevdo.A in LMK.exe, which is the Windows executable build of IFComp 2017’s Land of the Mountain King. I don’t know much about why or how these things happen, but it was the only file on my system where a threat was flagged. Luckily, I don’t think I ever ran the file; I just used the Adrift version. Why is this just showing up now? Again, don’t know.

If I’m the only one who had an infected LMK.exe, it could be bad. So pls let me know if you have/had one too.

Unfortunately, exe-files created with ADRIFT triggers false positives in some virus scanners, even though they are safe. Thus I am pretty sure that your pc has not been infected.

Nevertheless, it is a problem that people think the game is infected, so for the future, I will encourage ADRIFT authors to upload their games as .blorb, not .exe. Before the competition, I thought that including an exe-file would make more people try out the game, but it seems that the two ADRIFT games (“Temperamentum” and “Land of the Mountain King”) got the same amount of votes even though “Temperamentum” was only supplied as a .blorb.

Yes! Best-case scenario!

Thanks Denk!