"Violet" on "Clash of the Type-Ins"

Hi, All,

Just wanted to recommend the podcast “Clash of the Type-Ins,” in which Ryan Veeder, Jenni Polodna, Emily Boegheim, and others play IF games for your listening pleasure. All of the episodes are really funny, especially the recent two in which Jeremy Freese joins Jenni and Ryan for a reading of “Violet.”

The podcast is available at rcveeder.net/clash/.


Brendan Desilets

Cool; so it’s on iTunes also. I listen to podcasts while I work, so I’ll give it a listen.

On a similar topic, my daughter Addie wanted me to start a podcast with her, so I finally gave in. We just started a week ago. It’s about videogames in general, although I can see us talking about IF from time to time, especially when the IFComp starts. (Sorry to mention it in your post, but I didn’t really want to start a new topic just for that.)


Both are pretty funny :smiley:
Maybe interesting to anyone understanding German, there’s the http://textlastig.com/ podcast (since 1.5y by now), where Simon & Falk play and comment (mostly) German textadventures.

As a huge fan of both Jenni and Ryan, I love Clash of the Type-Ins.

I’ve only listened to the first episode so far, but I have them all downloaded now. It was pretty good! Looking forward to more.

It seems like note-taking would come in handy. When I play interactive fiction, I’m constantly referring back to the text to get clues on what to do next, and as a reminder of what I just read. I can’t imagine “playing” IF in a format like this without taking lots of notes along the way.