"View new posts" issue

Hmm, just recently, today as a matter of fact, I find that clicking “View new posts” link simply generates a page that tells me there are no new posts. Viewing the main forum page shows the appropriate “new post” icons next to there respective sections in which there are indeed, new posts.

Something broken? Anyone else experiencing this?


I’ve just found your post via the “new posts” page, so everything is fine at this side.

“View unread posts” will show you the ones marked as not read yet. “New posts” I think applies some time criterion instead. (I don’t find that as useful, so I rarely use it myself.)

I think “New Posts” applies to the ones published since the last time you’ve logged in. If you logon and login quickly, you’ll notice the folder becoming empty. It never seemed to me that it has any sort of timer, based on the two or three pages of new posts I get everytime I go offline for a week or two.

Thanks … well, gee, this is strange. Er, ummm, now it’s working for me again…

Ah, I remember doing a disk clean up right before coming back to these forums. Probably another “lost my cookies incident” …