Videogame Generations Podcast

Hi all.

I just wanted to mention that the podcast I started with my daughter is up to episode 9 now. It’s about video games in general, but in October we will (hopefully) talk about at least some of the IFComp 2014 entries. It’s a very amateur effort – just a kid and her dad talking about games and gaming topics – but we have fun doing it. Well, I think Addie is starting to have less fun, but I’m hoping to get her more involved again. If she loses interest, the premise kind of doesn’t work.

I mentioned it once already in a different thread for the Clash of the Type-Ins podcast, but anyway, here it is again.


If nothing else, IFComp authors might want to check it out when/if we start IFComp discussions next month. To make it easier, I’ll make a mention in whatever review topics come up, or in the IFComp discussion forum, possibly with a mention of the minute/range where specific games come up.