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Ciao! Just an “original” initiative of mine (but maybe other authors are doing it too).
On my channel dedicated to interactive fiction (in Italian), I am streaming the walkthrough of “The Library” in 12 episodes (one for each room of the game).
Below you can see the video covers.
Unfortunately it’s the walkthrough of the Italian translation of the game, so I don’t think many of you are very interested, but I still wanted to share it.
The first episodes are already online: The Library walkthrough / YouTube playlist



Since YouTube automatically provides subtitles (I think) with translations, I suspect that would be good enough, if you are providing narration. I don’t suppose the translation would need to be perfect.

Now you this did, I’m surprised more people haven’t. It might be a neat trend. I’m not technically up to it, but a video postmortem could be really cool.

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Finally I have time to play some of the entries. I’m going to cover the contest with short lives in Italian on Twitch and Youtube to give just the “feeling” of the first steps of the game.

With a random choice was chosen:
Brave Bear / Let’s Play (in Italian)


I noticed that subtitles are there in the videos, but not in live broadcasts. Maybe YouTube has yet to process them.

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An aside about everything (first steps in Italian)

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How The Monsters Appeared in The Wasteland (first steps in Italian)

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My impressions are that (relatively) instant translations would require heavy resources. And if we’re getting these videos for free, well, I suppose we can wait a bit. It seems we have to even for channels with 1million+ subscribers. But I’m okay with waiting. I suspect it will be worth it. I think giving a feel for the game’s introduction can be a huge help that big-picture reviews can’t quite capture.

I simply stream my short “let’s play” to show the first steps to my few italian followers (then I post here the link just for… fun), but I hope there are streamers (who speak English) who cover the competition at least a little. I think that an author is interested in the live gameplay of his own work (possibly understanding what the player says :wink: )