Video on how to be an IF Comp judge

Possibly not the most useful venue for sharing this, but! I’ve made a video in which I show how to an IF comp judge. I explain the rules of the competition, show off, IFDB and this forum. So send the link to anyone who might be one the fence!

(HD version in which you can actually read the text on the screen is still ‘processing’ on YouTube, but should be up soon.)


I need this. I hope to do some competent judging this year.

Thank you


Shared Via Twitter!

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Thanks, very interesting and comprehensive video!
I particularly liked your encouragements to participate in judging at the beginning, and the community resources. :slight_smile:

I’ve played a bit of interactive fiction on and off over many years and am quite motivated to give ratings for this competition. :slight_smile:


Glad it was helpful to you!

Thanks Victor. Nicely done. I really enjoyed it.