VIBAE - a point and click text adventure system for Twine

This is a project I have been working on after deciding I wanted a cross between a parser style text adventure with the point and click game play of graphic adventures and that I also wanted to be able to include media other than just plain text in my games. I settled on developing this system in Twine as I already had some experience with the Twine 2 editor and Sugarcube 2 but little other coding experience.

The core mechanic is a verb interface that contextually activates hyperlinks in the main passage text. In this way the player interacts with dynamic game objects which can be programmed to be manipulated in various ways allowing for a wide scope of possible puzzles or narrative branching.

I have written a short demo game for this system that showcases the core features:

Documentation and a DL for the bare bones system from which anyone can program their own game will be released soon.


Welcome! This is excellent. Genuinely excited about this. Looking forward to trying the system out! Do you have any idea of when you might be making the dev platform public?

Looks really cool! I’ve always thought this type of interface would be ideal: click on a verb and the text highlights the nouns that are interactable.

I did notice some text being cut off and disappearing when returning to it, but I realize it’s just a demo. This is fullscreen on Safari on MacOS.

Thanks for the feedback. I have designed the layout of the demo on desktop @ 1080p. It should be OK for smaller resolutions down to 720p. I have not really planned for going smaller than that though I think that problems like this one could be prevented by adding an ‘auto’ overflow property to everything in the document though how good a gaming experience it would be with scrollbars everywhere on smaller screens might be debatable.

That’s fun to play! I noticed, after dying the game doesn’t properly reset, had to open in a new tab. Not sure if that’s an itch-related issue or not.

The ‘try again?’ link on the death screen sends the player back to the last autosave, which would be after you complete the dialogue tree with Franz. You can always do a complete restart via menu > restart. Possibly the menu button could be at the top left instead of below the verb interface or styled differently to make it stand out.

I see, I probably just misunderstood then, thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile:

This is great!

Although things that go fullscreen without asking i find annoying.

VIBAE 1.0.5 has now been released with a downloadable template.

Documentation can be found here: