Very Vile Fairy File

A clever and fun word-game puzzlefest. I’ve posted a review of it on my blog.

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I like the concept of these kind of word games (really liked Counterfeit Monkey, for example) but couldn’t really review it, this game was too hard for me as non-native Englsh speaker.


I’m a sucker for these kind of wordplay games and thus enjoyed this game for the most part. But if this author is who I’m pretty sure they are, their games (with the exception of Shuffling Around, which I found to be the most accessible of their wordplay games) do suffer from sometimes going for clever/obtuse wordplay over accessible/naturally-flowing puzzles. There were some points in this game where I got stuck, looked at the walkthrough, and went, “Okay, how was I supposed to guess THAT word combination without magically linking to the author’s train of thought?”

And while I am a native English speaker, I was still disadvantaged in this game by being a hard-of-hearing person who frequently flubs pronunciations so I had to consult RhymeZone frequently to make sure that the rhymes I was thinking of were actually correct rhymes.

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