Very simple steampunk game to test

I’ve written a printable game (no stats at all yet, although there are a few goals). It branches heavily, and has 19 endings (most of them bad).

It’s called “Escape From the Female Factory” (at the moment) and is steampunk set in a real (but somewhat altered) women’s prison from 1860s Australia. It’s set in my usual steampunk world, but magic doesn’t come into the story at all.

The current length is around 10,000 words, but the branches vary from maybe 1000 to maybe 4000 words (probably not even that much). You can read as much or as little as you like.

In my fantasy world, I’ve have three types of betas:

  1. Early testers. Does it fundamentally work? Is it boring? Are there major plot holes or questions? Major flaws?
    This is the version that’ll be included with a book of mine (published later this year), and as I keep working on it it’ll get more game-ish and potentially longer and/or more complex. (I can send it to you today but if you’d like your name in the print version it would need to be back to me by Thursday 24th August.) This version is an rtf document with the classic “Turn to page…” format.

  2. Mid-level testers. Same questions as above and/or keeping an eye out for typos etc. I can send it out by the end of August, and whenever you return it is fine. This’ll be in Twine.

  3. Late-stage testers who get the game as polished and complete as I can make it, and are searching for any remaining flaws. You’d only receive it in the second half of September - let me know how much time you need and I’ll be sure to get it to you in a timely manner. This’ll be in Twine.

My personal email is

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