Very off-topic: a Kickstarter project I'm working on

(I apologize for the mercenary nature of this post, and will gladly delete it if y’all deem it inappropriate.)

Along with twelve other artists/designers/architects/writers, I spent my summer thinking about national borders, and how they shape the experiences of people that deal with them, as part of the collaborative design studio Border Town. We’re working on individual and team projects that reflect the various intricacies of the border condition, and we’re taking those projects to a design exhibition in Detroit.

My project is a “design fictional” garment that is sort of cosplay for China Miéville’s novel The City and the City – I’m making a physical garment, then layering in the fiction through stop-motion video. I’m also doing the visual design for a card game called Contraband, a two-player game about smugglers and border guards.

Anyway, if this sounds cool to you and you have extra money kicking about, we’re trying to fund our Detroit show through Kickstarter, and you should check it out: … order-town