VERSIONS: can we show them with and without authorial modesty in the same work?

The command Use Authorial Modesty. is useful to get rid of my own extensions.

But I wanted to create two out-of-world actions where

  1. one showed all extensions
  2. one showed all etxensions not written by me

I’m not sure I can do this, since “Use Authorial Modesty” sets an I6 constant. But I wanted to try.

I tried looking into the I6 code and stalled at ShowExtensionVersions(); in ZMachine.i6t. I couldn’t find where it went beyond {-routine:Extensions::Files::ShowExtensionVersions} in output.i6t.

So is this doable? Where in the I6 code would I want/need to poke?

IIf this can’t be done, I have the easy solution of saying “If you want to see extensions outside my, visit the GitHub repository at …” but if I can poke around more for further I6 sleuthing, that’d be awesome to know for the next time I need to look into I6.

There’s a phrase to say the complete list of extension credits.

My Supercredits extension demonstrates manipulating the results; just excluding yourself would be easier than what it’s doing.

Iif you look at auto.inf, you’ll see that there’s a very straightforward ShowFullExtensionVersions routine with the hard-coded print statements used for that say phrase.

v10 example, but it doesn’t matter much:

[ ShowFullExtensionVersions;
    print "Basic Inform version 1 by Graham Nelson^";
    print "English Language version 1 by Graham Nelson^";
    print "Standard Rules version 6 by Graham Nelson^";

…so you could delete the lines mentioning yourself and then run inform6 manually to produce your game file. It’s probably a terrible idea 'cause it’d be so easy to forget, but it’s possible!

Supercredits includes Text Loops, the predecessor of Strange Loopiness for convenience so the loops can be written as, e.g., repeat for line in lines of complete-ext-credits with index i begin;. But what it really should explicitly include is 6M62 Patches. It blows up real good without @drpeterbatesuk 's TEXT_TY_BlobAccess patch. You’re on 6L38, right? I don’t know whether that bug exists there.