Version 10 debugging verb bug?

I’m trying to use the RELATIONS debugging command, as documented in p. 24.3: “RELATIONS lists all the relations defined in the story, except for things like support and containment that are part of the world model and are so numerous that the output would be overwhelming.”

However, this command seems to do nothing. Specifically, it does nothing when I compile and run Ex. 226, which certainly defines a new relation.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a nonfunctional feature?

Looks like it only lists nonempty relations.

>call 2802
(on the grey telephone)

"Yes?" asks the boss. Her voice is especially husky this evening. Maybe that night of passion isn't so far off after all.

Connection relates one thing to another ( called the other party ):
  You  ==  the boss

>hang up
(the grey telephone)
You put down the grey telephone, cutting the connection.