Verb-Noun Library (two-word parser) for ADRIFT 5 released

Inspired by the Text Adventure Literacy Jam, I have made a two-word parser library for ADRIFT, which should be a lot simpler to work with than the standard full-sentence parser (which is often not applied correctly by game authors).

More info and download links here: ADRIFT forum on “Verb-Noun Library”

Here is a video, which gives you an idea of how ADRIFT works: Creating locations and map

ADRIFT 5 facts:
+: Easy to learn
-: Games can only be played on Windows, Android and online
-: Developing games is Windows only


Really cool! I’m too far into my wip to change now, but it might be interesting to build a game around ther rudimentary parser as an excercise in efficiency and to-the-pointness.

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