Venonta Vivo. My Sci-Fi Interactiveish Serialized Short Story

I have started a little project: a sci-fi short story.
Each week I’ll do a poll and will write the next chapter accordingly. Let’s call it interactiveish fictional work :slight_smile:

Let’s see where the story leads us. Even if it’s only to improve my English grammar.

I created a poll on Twitter but you can vote here if you prefer, commenting with you vote (but please, only vote in one place)

Current chapter is available here:

Options for the next chapter are (open poll until the 26th):

Tell us more about…
1. the project
2. Omni
3. the destination of the starship
4. the starship

Thank you

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‘Omni’ and ‘starship’ were both the most voted options. Here you are this week’s chapter:

What should happen next?
You can vote on this Twitter poll

or answering here with one option:

  1. A serious accident
  2. A minor incident
  3. Ship is forced to stop
  4. A unique phenomenon
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This week it was a tie… and, accordingly, this is this week’s chapter:

Now, time to vote. Next chapter should be about:

(vote on Twitter poll or:)

  1. the “shark”
  2. continuing the journey
  3. the motion engineer
  4. the main programmer
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This week’s chapter is Chapter 4: Venonta Vivo (En) 4. Ins and Outs

Now, time to vote. What should happen next?

#vven #scifi

You can vote on Twitter or answering here with the number of your choice.

  1. Shark attacks ship
  2. Shark speaks to Omni
  3. Shark is controlled by…
  4. Ship keeps travel
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Today chapter 5: Venonta Vivo (En) 5. To the Gate

And now what should happen next? (You can vote until Saturday 24th)

#vven #scifi

  1. Jump goes well
  2. Jump goes wrong
  3. Shark follows ship
  4. Ship doesn’t arrive to gate

You can cast your vote here or on Twitter poll

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A new Sunday, a new chapter :slight_smile:
Chapter 6:

What next? (You can vote until Saturday 31st)

#vven #scifi

  1. Send a message to shark
  2. Cut the tubes
  3. Keep the travel

or on Twitter

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New chapter available. Chapter 7: Venonta Vivo (En) 7. Handshake

And now (vote until 7/8 answering here with a number or on Twitter)?

#vven #scifi

  1. Shark lies
  2. Keep the project
  3. Improve communication
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New chapter available. Chapter 8:

And now (vote until 14/8)? Vote on Twitter

#vven #scifi

  1. Ship needs to stop
  2. Arrive to target planet
  3. Ship gets lost
  4. Talk about the project

This week’s chapter is Chapter 9:

Vote until 21/8

#vven #scifi

  1. Print 2nd gen
  2. Talk about subjects
  3. Awake 1st gen
  4. Talk about the war

Chapter 10:
A bit of history…

Vote before 28/8

#vven #scifi

  1. Arrive to the destination
  2. 1st gen crop goes bad
  3. Awake 1st gen
  4. Ship needs to stop
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Chapter 11:

Vote before 4/9
#vven #scifi

  1. Find a suitable place
  2. Keep looking
  3. Surprising event
  4. Something wrong with the crop
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This week’s episode:

Voting link at the end of the episode

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New episode :slight_smile:

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Episode 14th

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Episode 16


Episode 17

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Episode 18

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Episode 19

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Episode 20

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Episode 21

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