Varytale down

The site has been down. Does anyone know the official status? Is it gone for good?

Did it ever get any stories other than the four or six ones it started with? Or the “credits” system, did that ever start?

I got the feeling it didn’t really get anywhere. If the answer to my questions is “no”, then I profess surprise at it having been up this long.

It looks like there’s a port of Bee into something called Dendry at Github, ported by one of the creators of Varytale.

Most interesting, thanks!

EDIT - Hey, I can download the index.html file of that port and play offline! Wonderful!

A friend played the Dendry version of Bee and ran into something she thought was a bug. I checked with Emily Short, and she said that the Dendry version may still be a work in progress - she gave permission, but isn’t directly affiliated and doesn’t have details.

Thanks for the clarification!

A bug in Bee.

Sorry, I just liked that too much and had to say it out loud.

Just tested the site here. No luck either. Maybe they are under maintenance?