Vanishing cursor

Around half the time, when writing or editing a post, the cursor vanishes and won’t appear again (maybe) until I start editing something else.

I can reproduce this: While typing this reply, if I click in the address bar above or into another window on my computer, the cursor seems to vanish from this text input box, but it comes right back the moment I click inside here again.

It doesn’t prevent me from coming back to write or edit a post. Is it possible something on your system or another webpage could be stealing focus, like a dialog popup or warning? Does your cursor ever do this on text-entry boxes on other websites?

Hmm, I haven’t seen it happen. Any chance you could try to get a screen capture video of it next time it happens?

The first (address bar) is just normal browser behaviour, the second doesn’t happen to me if I click back to the tab, but it does if I click somewhere else on the page.

I should have stated that the cursor becomes invisible in the active window, but still functions. I can still write and edit posts, but I have to guess as to where the cursor really is.

This probably won’t do anything, but have you tried switching themes and seeing if it still happens? That might narrow whether it’s a CSS issue or something else.

Are you using Firefox?

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Yes, I do use Firefox. Thanks for the pointer. Strangely, I’ve never noticed this bug before. I’ve posted followup to the bug reports at Mozilla for this.