Vain Empires Release 2 (post-comp release)

This evening I posted v2 of Vain Empires to the if-archive and updated its IFDB page with the new file. Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • Added a workaround for crashes on the Fabularium app: There’s now a FONTS ON/OFF command to toggle font changes in NPC descriptions. (Unfortunately, this seems to be a bug in Fabularium itself about the way it handles glulx, so we can’t fix it completely within the game.)
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Invisiclues for part of the puzzle in the Rotunda from becoming available.
  • Corrected incorrect Invisiclues for the trade deal puzzle.
  • Pruned the list of objects present in the hotel section. More specifically (spoiler): Consolidated the RECKLESSLY and AGGRESSIVELY manners and the LAZILY and SLOWLY manners, respectively.
  • Corrected a weird scope bug in the Auditorium.
  • Added some explanatory text to the fight puzzle and trade deal puzzle.
  • Added some explanatory text to clarify the mechanics of the device in the speechwriter’s room.
  • Added some explanatory text about the thief’s actions when intentionless.
  • Added more warnings about the bad ending.
  • Fixed some typos.