V10.1.2 - backwards compatibility of 'it'

So I’ve just gone from 6M62 to 10.1.2.

When I try and compile old projects in 10, for the following code that worked fine in 6M62 :

"QuickTest" by Ade.

Garden is a room.

Spade is in garden. The description of it is "A spade.".
Rake is in garden. The description of it is "A rake.".

In v10, I’m getting the error:

**Problem.** You wrote 'The description of it is "A rake."' [![](inform:/doc_images/Reveal.png)](source:story.ni#line6), but in another sentence 'the description of it is "A spade."' [![](inform:/doc_images/Reveal.png)](source:story.ni#line5): but this looks like a contradiction, because the same property seems to be being set in each of these sentences, but with a different outcome.

Has the use of ‘it’ to refer to the previously declared object now been deprecated in v10?

Apologies if this has been discussed before!



This was already reported here: [I7-2151] The <property> of it following the creation of something creates a thing named it - Inform: The Bug Tracker (atlassian.net). Unfortunately there are no replies on the issue so far.

I don’t think the use of “it” in the source text is officially deprecated/removed.


I am working through Aaron’s Creating text for the third or forth time.

In chapter 3, page 52, the following code snippet works as expected:

A tall Saquaro is in Middle of Nowhere. It is fixed in place.

This isn’t exactly the same syntax as above. Even so, using “it” is probably asking for problems.

Omitting “of it” works, though.

Spade is in garden. The description is "A spade.".

oops.Totally missed that it had been reported. Thanks for replies!