Using Vorple

Is anyone using Vorple currently? Is its most recent release fairly solid? What are the main gotchas? Is there sample code I can gaze upon?

I’m returning from the not-quite-dead here. Haven’t written any IF for 8 or 10 years. But now that a few weeks have gone by, being a shut-in is getting boring even for a confirmed recluse like me. So I’m kicking around a few ideas for creative projects.

I may want to use I6 rather than I7. Not sure, though. Is Vorple functionally identical in the two systems?

Thanks in advance for any insights!


I do consider the lastest version “production ready” in a sense that it’s stable and includes all the intended functionality. The most recent games made with it that I know of are Sam Kabo Ashwell’s Scents & Semiosis and Hugo Labrande’s Go West (commercial, written in I6). Also Re: Dragon by Jack Welch from an IFComp a couple years back is a good example of a completely custom interface.

Both Scents & Semiosis and Re: Dragon have their Inform 7 source text available, and for Inform 6 there’s the source code for the sample game.

The I6 library has practically the same features as the I7 library, apart from some implementation details. You can try both online with Borogove.


Thanks, Juhana. You’ve confirmed my suspicion that it’s not an overwhelmingly popular choice, presumably because most Inform users are not conversant with javascript or css.

I may give it a try. Right now I’m working on developing the idea for a game, and also re-learning I7. The IFComp is 5 months away, and that’s certainly enough time to write a game. Maybe I’ll add a Vorple front end afterward. I’m a bit hampered in imagining what I would do with Vorple, due to the fact that I have no chops at all as a graphic artist. Could be an opportunity for a collaboration … but first I need to have a game that’s at least in testing.

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Hi Jim! I have a couple of mockup I6-Vorple games in this folder, and you can find “Go West” here (let me know if you’d like an itch key for it, and let me know if you want to see the source). The source for the demo game Neon Vertex is here.

I6-Vorple has become my main development tool, it’s just that I’m just pretty slow these days… Let me know if you need any help with it, I’d be glad to help :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the links! At the moment I’m leaning toward I7 rather than I6. (I’ve written games in both of them.) Oddly enough, I recently started learning French, so I can read the comments at the start of Neon Vortex.

Right now I’m trying to think of a good story to put in a game. Once I have a story idea that I feel good about, I’ll consider whether to use I6 or I7.

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