Using Vim instead of builtin editor?

Hi folks,

I’m using the linux ide for the G-Version of inform 7, my os is ubuntu 64-Bit 15.X. I tried to open simultanousely the same doc in the ide and in vim. If I edit the file in vim then comes an error-message in the ide and the ide crashes.

Is there feedback about using vim with the ide? The builtin editor doesn’t alway do what I want. It often moves code-parts to the end of my source file, although I have arranged my code with sections and parts, very annoying behaviour.

And the interpretator runs very slow. Since my code has grown.

Thanks in advance,

At morning this day I was a bit in a hurry, sorry. Now, the more precise description of the problem. It occurs under certain reproduceable circumstances:

1.) I open my source in ide, and in vim

2.) I change something in the source file with vim

3.) A message window of the ide pops up:

The source code has been modified from outside Inform.
Do you want to reload it? -> NO/YES

4.) I push YES

5.) Another message window of the ide pops up:

Could not open the file ‘/media/Textadventures/Projekte/Test/testvoncode.inform/Source/’.

Make sure that this file has not been deleted or renamed.Failed to open file ‘/media/Textadventures/Projekte/Test/testvoncode.inform/Source/’: file or directory not found


6.) I push OK
7.) the old message window of the ide is still there

The source code has been modified from outside Inform.
Do you want to reload it? NO/YES

8.) The ide is frozen and doesn’t accept any input but restarting after quitting.

after a while there comes the message to end the application because the app doesn’t react any more

Why does the inform ide wants to load a file with the extension “~”. It doesn’t make sense to me.


Have you tried using a different (i.e. non-ide but not vim) editor?
Have you tried writing the file and closing down vim before switching to the ide? vim may be locking the file. The ~ sign often indicates a file in use.
Have you tried making a dummy project, and switching Inform to that before invoking vim, then closing vim and switching Inform to the project you were editing?

If you’re not going to use the IDE then you’d be better off using the CLI Linux version of Inform 7.

Alright but I made the discovery that I don’t need another package like the plain CLI-Version. I can use the ide-package and simply invoke “ni”, “inform-6.32-biplatform” and cBlorb from the commandline. And still use the ide if I want it.

Just a matter of shell-programming. I think this task should be easier, since the ide is just using the commandline progs. Just the configuration-option to use another editor would be fine in the ide. Maybe a tutorial how to create a painless workflow via the commandline would be great too.

Thanks for the advice.