Using values in a table

I can’t seem to create a table with a column of values.

Slot is a kind of value. The slots are hand, neck and finger.

A person has a number called free hands.

Table of Slots
slot	free slots
hand	free hands

I get this error: “Problem. In ‘Table of Slots’ , I’m reading the text ‘free hands’ in column 2 (free slots) of row 1, but I don’t know what this means.”

But I specified it’s a number that belongs to persons before, or did I? What am I doing wrong? Thank you for reading this.

“Free hands” is a property, not a number. (The “free hands of Fred” is a number.) You can’t put bare properties in a table like this.

There are various ways to do what you want, depending on what it is that you want. :slight_smile: For example you might write a function like

To decide what number is the free count of (T - slot) for (P - person):
  if T is hand, decide on the number of free hands of P;
  if T is neck, decide on the number of free necks of P;

This is a bit repetitive but it works.