Using value properties

I seem to have run into a brick wall. I have a defined a value thus:

Body-area is a kind of value. The body-areas are feet, lower-body, legs, hips, upper-body, full-body, head, none.

And I have defined a property of type body-area on a kind like this:

A garment-element is a kind of thing. A garment-element has a number called the layer-level. A garment-element has a body-area called the area.

Now my problem is, that elsewhere in rules I can do something like this:

say "[the area of the noun]"

But Inform doesn’t understand something like this:

if the area of the noun is equal to the area of the whatsit

Why? It seems like I can’t use value properties anywhere other than as a sayable value? What gives? I assumed they’d behave like enums in other languages and I’d be able to compare them as a way to find other objects with same property value. :neutral_face:

Unbelievable. I just spent the best part of the last hour trying to figure this out before stumbling on what I need isn’t “is equal to” it’s just “is”. :blush:

I was ready to throw the thing out a window.