Using Twine to make an online pub quiz

Twine Version:2
Story Format: Harlowe


I am fairly new to Twine but have been having fun with making an interactive story and learning the ropes.

I decided today, as a quick side project, to make a simple pub quiz I could play online with friends. I will be live streaming the questions and using an answer input mechanism created using Twine and hosted on my website to allow players to input their answers and accrue points. I have already got this working- you can visit it here: .

I have assigned a variable, $points, which goes up every time a player gets a correct answer. What I want to do is allow the user to input a team name at the start of the quiz, set that to the variable $teamname and then have the quiz automatically send the user’s $teamname and $points to something else for collation. I can work out how to make the team name input work, but I can’t quite think what the best thing to collate and order scores with would be (my site runs on Wordpress) and am not sure whether you can get Twine to send its variables elsewhere.

Does anybody have any suggestions for what the simplest way to do this might be? I could get the user to submit their scores on the chat of course but this would be a pain to work out the team order with lots of participants and very open to cheating.

Thanks in advance and excuse my near total lack of coding knowledge!

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accessing Harlowe variables is hard but might be possible, this is an old forum post about it

once you have the variable i think you can use ajax to save it (i don’t really know though i don’t use javascript)

Hi Laika,

Thanks very much for your comment, that is exactly what I wanted and seems like it should work ok for my scoreboard idea. I’ll post my progress up on here if I manage to get it working!

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