Using tabletop RPGs as inspiration

Those of you who play TTRPGs or do dungeon mastering, have you tried using your characters, encounters or settings in your interactive fiction? I’m trying to create a new character currently and I like what I’ve come up with so far. I already want to write stories about this character. Do you think referencing the upcoming campaign in my own writing would be ok? Of course I would ask for permission from the DM and other players because while ideas can’t be copyrighted, it would be common courtesy and some things shared during the sessions might be influenced by personal experiences.

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Is the TTRPG campaign written by the DM or by a company? And do you take more than general ideas from it?

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The campaign is going to be created by the DM. I think I may use some moments that I find interesting as inspiration. Like if there was a fight where my character learns something important. Now that I think about it, it would probably be best to just make changes to the content when needed.

Sounds like the campaign material works as a good background story for your character. How specific you mention things from the campaign is up to you. Anything vague, would certainly be fine. Specific names, places or other characters might be an overlap. But if the DM is cool with it, why not?