Using Rooms as conversation Topics

I’ve run into an interesting problem when trying to code a conversation-heavy scene in TADS 3.

If I have a room

yellowBrickRoad: OutdoorRoom 'The Yellow Brick Road'

How should I handle this when creating an AskTopic for my NPC Scarecrow?

I tried using the same formulation I would for an AskTopic about other object types, by adding this to my Scarecrow.

+ AskTopic, StopEventList @yellowBrickRoad

But ASK SCARECROW ABOUT ROAD doesn’t seem to do anything when I run this.

I have a few ideas why this might not work, but I’ve been unable to find sample code or anything in the manual that would suggest a solution.

Any ideas about how to approach this would be welcome.

You probably just need to define vocabWords on your room object for the player to be able to talk about room. And possibly make isKnown true unless the player already visited the room.

yellowBrickRoad: OutdoorRoom 'The Yellow Brick Road' vocabWords = 'yellow brick road' isKnown = true

Hmm… was pretty sure I’d already tried that and got a run-time error. Perhaps I’d used the wrong type of quotes.

Anyway, that suggestion works, so thank you very much :smiley: