Using Linkreplace and a div class choice button/link

Twine Version: Subarcube 2.36.1

Hi, sorry if the title is phrased poorly.

I’m using a Twine template that uses a div class=“choice” element to present links in a nice formatted box. Occasionally I would like the ‘choice’ to, instead of linking to a new passage, be replaced/removed entirely and to reveal more text below.

I’m having no luck using link replacers with the div class, as it seems to only replace the text inside the div class box, when I’d like the box to be replaced entirely.

Sorry if my explanation isn’t great, i’m new to Twine/coding.

Here is the div class choice code.

<div class="choice">[[Continue.|Untitled Passage 1]]</div>\

And this is how I’d like to be able to continually replace the div class link with link replacers.

<<linkreplace 'continue'>>more stuff.

<<linkreplace 'continue'>>even more stuff.

[[next passage]]<</linkreplace>><</linkreplace>>

Any help is appreciated!

Wow nevermind, I finally searched up the right question and found this post: [Twine2] [Sugarcube 2.21.0] Replace two links at the same time - Twine Q&A

It worked pretty perfectly!