Using inputManager.pauseForMore(true); in Doer results in an error

The following code results in the error “Runtime error: wrong number of arguments”. I want to pause between when Papa leaves and returns. The code works fine when the InputManager.pauseForMore(true); is commented out, of course there is NO pause effect, however.

Doer 'open frontDoor'
    "You jump up to answer the door, but Papa stops you and sends you back to the hearth. 
    He cracks open the door slightly and peers out. Then opens it fully and steps out, closing it behind him.<br /><br />";
    "After just a minute, Papa comes back into the shack with an armful of fish and several loaves of bread. \b
    <q>You're never going to believe what just happened!</q> Papa exclaims. ";

tried with inputManager.pauseForMore() ?
That is, with zero arguments.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


Thank you, my friend!

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