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Guys i am a teacher and i have already create a demo. I want to evauate the choices of my students. Namely, is it possible to watch the answers of my students at the end of the game?

Which authoring system are you using? Twine?

Harlowe 3.2.3 twine

Do you have any ideas?
I will be great greatful!

note: Harlowe has been deliberately designed by its Developer to restrict an Authors ability to use JavaScript to enhance the default functionality of its engine.

If by “watch” you mean having the Harlowe base project send data to a file hosted on a web-site (like a Google Sheet) then generally that would involve the project using JavaScript to communicate with an server hosted web-app which would update such a file, and such functionality does not come included with the Story Format engine.

An individual named John Stewart wrote an article explaining how send data to a Google sheet from a Harlowe project. However it appears that since then two things have occurred:

  1. Google changed the requirements for programmatically updating a data sheet.
  2. Recently released versions of Harlowe have increased the restrictions on JavaScript usage.

You could probably set a variable for each choice you wish to follow, and have a final screen with these variables, though you would need your student to show you this final screen.
Alternatively you can make each of these choices lead to a different ending of the story, so you’d have only to ask the students their ending.

Thanj you for your help.
I create a demo in which the player collect and lose points choosing the answers. I would like to ask if it is possible to add up the points that gains a player at the end of the game? not at the middle of game.

If you don’t need to use Harlowe, I would suggest using Sugarcube because it allows you to export saved files. Then you can have the students send you the save file by email …as soon as you open it you will see the final results page.

I have made a quick demo, be sure to set the story format to Sugarcube (2.0) (1.6 KB)

Re: Adding the points at the end vs. the middle of the game. This demo adds the points after each answer is input but does not display them until the end.

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