Using IF to express creative side plus think like OOC coder

Here’s the short info for anyone who wants it:

Name: Nick aka BREADcatFACE (funny story why that’s my username)
Age: 17
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor
Likes/Dislikes: Does anyone really care?! xD
IF Experience: None, I was born into a Playstation 1 and hadn’t played an IF game ever (please send me your games I’d love to try them)

[rant]Hey everyone!
In my sophmore year of high school I enrolled in a HTML coding class and ever since I’ve been really interested in programming. From there I moved on to coding in Visual Basic and am now finally with the big kids (sorta) in Java. In May of 2015 I’ll be taking the AP Computer Science exam and am really working hard to ensure I pass. Although my major for college is Anthropology I know how important programming skills are and when I found out about IF I realized there was a way I could work enjoy what I was coding. Another great reason to code in TADS 3 (at least from what I’ve read) is how it really gets you thinking in that OOC (object oriented coding) mindset as compared to a procedural coding mindset (which was Visual Basic for me).

I haven’t had free time to really sit down and familiarize myself with the TADS 3 documentation yet, but I plan on reading the books and starting to learn about TADS as soon as my schedule starts to free up. One of the main reasons I really want to start working on my IF coding now is because I will be taking a trip in July for 6 months to South America, and I hope to find some inspiration to writing an Anthropological journal about one of the local cultures. In addition, I hope to maybe pull out a fiction piece from my travels and maybe (if I have enough experience and knowledge) turn that fiction piece into an IF. This is stuff way into the future, but I digress this is what my aspirations are.

Anyways, I guess I wrote this out because it helps me realize what I’m going to do and when you put something into writing it becomes more than a thought. Now this is something tangible that I can look back on and read, remembering what it felt like to sit in this chair and type out what I am typing out right now. (#Deep) :laughing: So I conclude with apologizing for waiting anyone’s time, this was more for me than anyone else, but if you enjoyed the read send me a message and we can start making babies immediately :smiley:[/rant]