Using HTML/CSS on passage links- is it possible?

Hi everyone,

New Twine user here and I am using Sugarcube 2.28.2.

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to add html/css to passage links. I am making an educational language twine game and I want 3 passages to be different answer choices with certain letters in each of the answer choices a different color (for example, I am trying to show that some words in Middle English have stressed syllables, and these are all in blue).

Is it possible to add color and bold, for example, to a single letter in a passage link?

Take the word “lórdynges”, which I have styles as


within a passage, but I want to create a passage link in the same way.

Thanks in advance!

note: There have been issues in the past with using punctuation or non-Latin based characters in Passage Names, so some care needs to be taken if you are doing so.

While it is possible to style individual letters of the Link Text of a macro based link…

<<link "<b>L</b>ink Text" "Target Passage">>...<</link>>

…you may find it easier if you use a standard HTML <a> element combined with SugarCube’s HTML Attribute feature.

<a data-passage="Target Passage"><b>L</b>ink Text</a>