Using actions to change values of certain items?


Having a bit of trouble understanding how values are correlative to actions and checks. What I want to do is have one “thing” that has a value. That thing is called liquid viscous. Then I want the player to be able to set a value by using the “Setting weapon to” action I’ve created.

So it would look something like > Set weapon to (blah)

Here’s the stuff I’ve got so far:

Mode is a kind of value. The modes are Lance, Phase Cannon, and Millenial Mallet.

The player carries liquid viscous. Liquid viscous has a mode. The mode of liquid viscous is usually Phase Cannon.

Setting weapon to is an action applying to one value. Understand “Set weapon to [mode]” as setting weapon to.

Check setting weapon to:
If the noun is not liquid viscous:
Say “[the noun] can’t be set as a weapon.”

So I want to put something like

Instead of setting weapon to Lance:
Now liquid viscous mode is lance.;

^Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work. Anyone out there that can spot what I’m doing wrong? I don’t really understand what I’m doing, and I’ve read the documentation over and over :c. I really appreciate any help!



“now the mode of liquid viscous is Lance.”

However, there are some other issues. Your “setting weapon to” action doesn’t take a noun, so you shouldn’t test the noun in your check rule. (I suspect it works anyway, because the noun will always be “nothing” for this action!)

you could also do something like:

Carry out setting weapon to: now the mode of the liquid viscous is the mode understood.