Using a file is an include or as a source in TADS3?

I would like to use the Main Game routines file used in RTD by Michael Roberts. This brings up a number of questions. Do I use this file as an include or as a source. Should a place it at the beginning (since his file begins with gameMain) of my source or somewhere else? Does that really matter? Is there a way to do this much simpler by including his ‘newGame’ information into the the beginning of the ‘Introduction’ text message?

I’ve read the manuals about this but I’m really not positive how to go about such a thing :question: could use some help.

You are talking about the gameMain object in main.t, from the Return to Ditch Day source?

You can just take his newGame method and paste that into your own gameMain object. (Make it an object of class GameMainDef, so that you inherit all the other defaults.)

At a glance, it looks like you will also need the runStartupOptions method, the sessionInfo object, and the initScreen function from that same file.

If it’s a .t file, you compile it. If it’s a .h file, you #include it.