Uservoice suggestion for more flexibility with comparatives

I just put up a Uservoice suggestion asking for more flexibility in defining comparatives and superlatives.

Comparatives and superlatives are very cool, but I7 is bossy about what it calls them. If you define a gradable adjective, it automatically generates the comparative and superlative forms – so if you define “good” as a gradable adjective the corresponding forms will be “gooder” and “goodest,” willy-nilly. So my suggestion is to allow “more foo” and “most foo” for comparatives and superlatives, or to let the author set the comparative and superlative manually.

So go vote it up if you want to! Or don’t, I think the limiting factor in this will be how annoying it would be to make this change so close to the rollout of a new version. But I think comparatives and superlatives are cool, and this could make them cooler. Or more cool.

[The suggestion was inspired by this.]

It’s a cool idea. Voted.