User Interface/User Experience in Interactive Fiction

Hey folks,

We’re starting (or maybe have been) seeing a continual growth in experimental/non-standard IF user experiences, most of which is driven by tablets and other touch devices. People are asking about the status line more and more as well as clicks, touches, double-clicks, window arrangement, javascript, html, css/styling. It occurred to me that although we have great blogs from individuals and we answer questions relatively well on intfiction, is there any need for some sort of central blog or mashup of UI/UX discussions?

I’m not sure what form such a thing would take, possibly an aggregator that everyone could target with a tag or topic on their own blogs, but it would seem to be beneficial. I also note there is no current aggregation of ideas on IFWiki.Org either, which could be helpful.


David C.

I don’t think there needs to be a central place, doesn’t the Planet serve that purpose? A page on the wiki is a good idea.

On second thought, a demo site would be cool.

Yes, Planet is the right place. I was just suggesting we agree on a topic or tag so if someone wants to only see ui/ux, they can filter for it.

A demo site technically challenging because of all of the different work people are doing. I think the solution is probably getting all of the existing UI/UX information centrally linked on IFWiki.

David C.