Usenet Newgroup Access - (for slower computers)

What is the easiest, most reliable (and preferably cheapest) way to access the group?

Its the only group I want to access so paying out so much money every month to access one group seems a little crazy to me.

Before you mention it, I dislike google groups, as it just freezes up my netbook and freezes and jerks and takes forever to scroll (Emily Shorts website does that too for some reason, I’ve been thinking of downloading her entire site just to read through it fully, as I can’t read more than one “much needed” article before I get frustrated with the jerking and freezing, and I really want to devour/read her entire site…um kay enough of the embarrassing fan gushing)

Anyhoo, so is there a streamlined simple non-jerking, easy on my netbook way to access the

Thank you :blush:

Man, you must really like reading spam.

:question: I don’t really understand. I’ll assume your referring to, yeah there is spam there, but there is also quite useful stuff too. Theres a number of people that only use that newsgroup, and they have some great ideas. MUD isn’t my kind of thing so other than this forum, thats the only other place I can go for advice/learning.

I found reverting back “to the old google groups” (which I had never accessed the old in the first place) seems to have solved the jerking/freezing issue (mostly), but since they’ll soon remove their old groups setting, I’ll still need some form for accessing it. If I could figure out the mechanics of ubuntu’s outlook (or whatever it may be) i’ll try looking into attaching it to that.

It might be a better idea to ask over there, because most people post here do so, because they don’t know how to use Usenet. (For the record, I’m using the DFN news server for access to which you would have to be working for one of its member universities; it filters out spam so that I see much less of it than in this forum.)

You can use news:// - it’s a free news server. You’ll need a client; Thunderbird works well.

Before I gave up on usenet, I used
They charge €10 / year, but they’re reliable and I never saw any spam.

Looking at the people who have posted there recently (not many), I see them using Google, . I use but I do it by ssh’ing to their shell server and running tin from there; not sure if that fits your desires.