upper/lower case in actor name inconsistent; using adv3lite

How can I get the h in harry to upper case in the following…

The actor Harry is defined as…

harry: Actor 'Harry;;man self' @harrysBed "" globalParamName = 'harry' isHim = true person = 3 proper = true bulkCapacity = 5000 ;

So why is his name shown with lower case h (actually, it’s both—first reference is upper, 2nd is lower in the example shown).

Even if the vocab property did not use an upper case H I thought the proper = true property would up it.


This is due to an attempt to join two separate sentences together, forcing the second sentence to start with a lower-case letter. The easiest fix (which is the one I’m applying to the library) is to change it to two sentences.

If you want to apply the fix, it’s in actions.t. Look for DefineIAction(Inventory) and at around line 408 change:

DMsg(inventory list conjunction, ', and \v');


DMsg(inventory list conjunction, '. ');