Uploading Inform 7 games to Steam?

I’ve been wondering if there’s anyway to share games made in Inform 7 on Steam? I’ve seen examples of games where people did this, but no one can seem to give a good solid answer of how. Is there some program I need to download to do this? Can Steam process the file types that Inform 7 creates? Or should I just give up and look into another way of trying to share games made in Inform 7?

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Hadean Lands and Anchorhead use the Lectrote interpreter, customized to play a single game.

The information on this is here: https://github.com/erkyrath/lectrote. (The “Packaging a bound game” section.)

But it’s not a one-step process, I’m afraid.

Okay, thank you for the help! This looks like it will do the trick.