Uploading a Post-Comp Release

Please pardon my ignorance, but I haven’t been able to find a place or a way in which to upload the post-comp quasi-final version of “The Only Possible Prom Dress.” It’s a good bet there’s at least one significant bug lurking in there, but I finally rolled up my sleeves and fixed a bunch of stuff – and I’m done. Time to move on.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

I’d also like to upload and make available the source code. I had a look at the IF archive and also at ifdb, but I didn’t see any obvious links with which to upload either the source or the final version of the game. Not that I think the source is a work of art; it’s both tangled and clumsy. Also huge. Also commented, but not rigorously. Still, if anyone is wondering how I got the Virtual Capsule running around on the track, or how I made a certain small object that has three separate interiors, you can take a look.


The typical thing to do is upload to the Archive then update the IFDB page to link to the files - the Archive upload form is here. If an example would be helpful, here’s what it wound up looking like for one of my games, though I’m sure others have done things slightly differently.


Thanks for updating! I got partway through during IFComp and really liked it, but decided to wait for the next round of bugfixes before finishing.

I agree with Mike, adding the game and source code to the IFArxiv upload page is probably the way to go (I think each one goes in a different directory, one in if-archive/games/TADS/ and one in if-archive/games/source/

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It should be pretty clean now. The thing I fixed yesterday was something no one had noticed. In order to deal with the massive size of the player’s inventory, I implemented a simple form of “garbage collection.” When you pass through the center of the arcade, if there’s something you definitely don’t need anymore, you will drop it automatically. But that code didn’t work if you had exactly one dispensable item. I noticed in a transcript that the player was still carrying something that should have been dropped.

Conversely, that same transcript contained two things, both of them rather trivial, that I couldn’t duplicate. The game should be thoroughly playable now, but if anybody runs into anything, please email me.


I still hope to play your game through fully, Jim… just that life has been legitimately crazy and I’m still in the final stages of PQ. So hopefully sometime after IFComp…