Updating the IFWiki entry for my IF D-pad program

first of all, thank you to whoever it was who added IF D-pad to the wiki. It was the last thing I expected to see when I was browsing it a few months ago.
Secondly, I uploaded it to the IF Archive not long after releasing it on GitHub. For completeness’ sake and since it would be a direct download, I’d like to add that link to the entry, but I’m not sure where I’d best put it. That is if it’s not against the wiki policy to edit my own program’s article. I do a lot of editing over at Wikipedia where editing stuff where you have a conflict of interest is frowned upon for good reason.
Here’s the direct download link from the If Archive
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Feel free to edit the article yourself. The form for the infobox has URL fields for “home page” and “download page”. Anything that doesn’t fit there could be added to the Links section of the page.


Thanks. I’ve just updated it.

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