Updates to Interactive Text Adventure Game **The Magnatorana** - Now with Sound

Greetings once again fellow text-adventurers! I’m excited to announce that my interactive text adventure game The Magnatorana now has music and sound to accompany the passages in the opening level, to add an extra level of immersion for players.

Your continued feedback is invaluable, and I invite both new players, (And previous players to check out and comment on the music and sound now in the game)
Your comments will play a crucial role in refining this epic adventure. Grab your virtual sword, cast your spells, and let the quest begin! :rocket::sparkles:

[Link to Play Game] The Magnatorana - Early level testing by PeddleBoy

[Please leave your comments and feedback below, or via itch.io . Your insights are greatly appreciated!]


This is a great improvement with the sound. I think ambiences add a lot to the feeling of being there.

Something i noticed is that your pictures are, in fact, large, but their display size is small. For example the Tavern picture is over 2MB. This would be a slow download over a phone (but ok for broadband).


Maybe consider having a “web deployment format” which you generate by converting your larger images into smaller ones for web deployment. For example, if i take your tavern picture original and size down to 20% (approx screen size in game), it shrinks to 91k - a massive download saving.

Of course, it might be that you plan to offer a detailed picture-view facility in the game. In which case the problem is more complex.

I played the game, but i seem to remember i could get a bit further before. Could be me though…

I’ll take a look into the picture size changes you mention in the current changes I’m making.

And yes you’re right. In this recent level update (that mainly included the addition of sounds) I removed a few passages (that you probably previously played up to) as they do not contain sound yet.


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