Updates on SetColour() for Glulx

Back in 2014, when I was getting ready to release 6/12 of the Inform6 Standard Library, I started this thread: Inform Library 6/12 and Inform 6.33.1 for Unix go beta and said that I fixed a minor problem with color handling when compiling to Z-machine, but Glulx still has problems setting foreground and background colors. Zarf said that this problem has to do with Glulx’s color model not being ideal and that he was thinking about coding up something to fix this. Has anything new been done? I’m wrapping some stuff for version 6.12.3 (bugfix release) of the Library and I’d like to get something like this going for 6.13.0.

Dannii codified Gargoyle’s Glk extension for setting arbitrary colours, see https://intfiction.org/t/specifying-gargoyles-glk-extensions/12915 Only Windows Glk and Gargoyle support it, though.

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However Gargoyle still needs to release a version which supports it. The only published interpreter which currently supports it is Windows Glulx/Git. It would be good to get it into more interpreters of course!

There is a gestalt selector so libraries can check whether it’s supported before calling the functions.