Updates and new version of itch download

Authors are allowed to make updates during the competition. I have been keeping track of changes made here:

These are the current changes I have listed:

4/3/24 Pass A Bill new index.html, trigger warnings updated
4/2/24 Kuolema new index.html with save features
4/2/24 Trials of Rosalinda new index.html with bug fixes.
4/1/24 Alltarach fix for image bug
4/1/24 The Portrait new zip file with bug fixes.

I’ve released a new version of the download of all games here:

It’s smaller due to Mike Russo finding a duplicated folder.

I’ve you’ve updated your game at Itch or if your update wasn’t listed above or is misrepresented, feel free to comment below!

There is no need to redownload the large zip unless you want an improved version of one of the above games and plan to play on your home computer.

This might be the only big announcement I do about updates during the competition, unless several other updates occur.

Thanks for all the wonderful games released and all the great reviews! Hope people are having a good time!


A very silly and game-altering bug was discovered in Nonverbal Communication, thanks to Tabitha! I’ve sent in a new version with a fix for that bug, along with a few other small improvements. Just posting here to let potential players know :slightly_smiling_face:

(I plan on editing this post once the update is live, probably within a couple of days)

EDIT: The current version of the game should be fixed!
If you’ve previously opened the game and you’re not sure whether you’re seeing the latest release or a cached version, you can check the message that appears after entering multiple invalid commands – if you have the latest release, the word HINT should be in bold.

Big thanks to Brian, who was super quick to reply and very helpful!


I moved into the Kitchen. Heureka! Small step for my wizard, big leap in the game. :wink: Will be back soon.


Loose Ends just got an update that’s both incredibly minor and incredibly major. It only affects one specific scenario in the endgame, but it ensures the game doesn’t straight-up crash when that scenario happens! (Plus various little text fixes while we were at it.)

With any luck this shouldn’t break any saves, since it has no real impact until the finale.


I just made an update to “The Trials of Rosalinda”, adding a newly written Hints documents, as I saw several people asking for hints. Sorry I didn’t include that earlier, and thanks to @DeusIrae for helping others in the forum thread!

Right now, the file is available on the itch page for the game (which you can access from its competition entry), but I send an update so that hopefully some time later it will show on the competition page as well.


I hope it’s not written in invisiclues ROT13 style…

Gosh, no!

It’s gradual hints you can expand/collapse one by one.

A tiny update made for Doctor Jeangille’s letters to hide an unnecessary html marker in a paragraph.
Also added another cursive font (Dancing Script), which should be a bit easier to read compared to the other ones.


Major updates made to Luna Gardens! Big thanks to the person who emailed the problems they had playing to me. The biggest changes are:

  • Fixed the symbols so that all of them can be discovered and interpreted using FIND.
  • Fixed the DIVINE verb to not keep you in an endless loop if you enter the wrong input.
  • Fixed the FORECAST verb to be more helpful. For those who want a direct explanation of how it works: FORECAST is a hint system where each time you find the right symbol for the divination problem you’re solving, new clouds appear above you which visualize the correct symbols found. They only show up when using the FORECAST verb and not when EXAMINING the sky.

Apologies to those who were frustrated by the bugs, that must have been an annoying experience. And big thanks to anyone who provides feedback or just lets me know about any issues, life updates made it hard for me to do thorough testing for this prototype.

EDIT: Important hint regarding the puzzle’s solution: The correct input for the DIVINE verb requires a string of text combining all 3 correct symbol meanings into a coherent sentence. So rather than putting in the symbol “turtle” as part of your input, if its meaning is something like “a slow and steady person” then you should incorporate into the input instead. Also, capitalization and periods shouldn’t be part of the input!


I vowed to not update Voyage of the Marigold until after the festival but a game breaking bug was reported by @alyshkalia in one of the sectors. My apologies to any other captains whose missions were cut short.

I also took the opportunity to fix some of the more egregious spelling mistakes in this supplemental (with two p’s) release.

My web site already has the new version. The Spring Thing archive will be updated in due course.


In the stellar nursery sector with the black goo the check to see if your hull was destroyed would error out if your hull strength was low leading to the game just stopping instead of displaying the next paragraph.