Updated the Programmer's Guide to Inform 7

Larger font, margins are better for a 3-ring binder, and various typos & snafus fixed. Not much else to report, really.

plover.net/~pscion/Inform%20 … ammers.pdf

Thanks for your consistently excellent contributions to the community, Ron.

aaand now the table of contents even works. :blush:

Thanks, tove.

I thought I had lost the August 2011 version, which took this thread’s comments into account (at least as far as I remember), to a laptop crash, but I found it today. So I’ve uploaded the August 2011 version:

plover.net/~pscion/Inform%20 … ammers.pdf

The previous version was dated February 2011. Most changes are minor: typos, layout, etc.

EDIT TO ADD: I intend to do another, more substantial, update after the new build of Inform 7 comes out. (Which would likely be around its birthday in April, if I’m any judge of these things.)

It’s great that you still keep working on it. :slight_smile:
Somehow, I find this manual a lot easier to work with than the I7 documentation.