(Updated) SugarCube v2.33.3 & v2.33.4 have been published

SugarCube v2.33.3 & v2.33.4 have been published.

Downloads & documentation for all Twine/Twee compilers: http://www.motoslave.net/sugarcube/2/

v2.33.4 Changelog highlights:

v2.33.3 Changelog highlights:

  • Fixed Safari v14 breaking detection of various audio formats.
  • Minor improvement to how <<numberbox>> handles decimal numbers—mostly for Firefox.
  • Documentation changes:
    • Fixed an oopsie in the Harlowe guide.
    • Added an entry for UIBar.update().
    • Added a guide for the Definitely Typed TypeScript bindings for SugarCube’s APIs.
    • Added additional warnings about Twine 2’s automatic passage creation feature.
  • Development changes:
    • Fixed Node.js v14 API change that broke the build script.
    • Updated development dependencies.