Updated IntFiction forum backup submitted to Archive

I noticed that the January 1st text dump of posts sent to the IF Archive was very small. I’m not sure what happened, but since it was missing all but the first few posts, and the prior quarter’s file had the issue of parts of posts getting lost due to a mistake in the export itself, I opted to go ahead and re-run it and send the backup as of today. Hopefully when it runs again on April 1st, it’ll continue to do what it’s supposed to.

Good, thanks.

It’s now in ifarchive.org/if-archive/unprocessed/

16369414 bytes – hopefully that looks right.

That one’s right. The Jan 1st zip was only 17KB, because the export itself created just the first part of the text file. Apparently it bombed out with an error when it ran, but I don’t know why. It worked okay manually, so I’ll just make a mental note to check it again when it runs in April.