Updated Chrome and the game I was playing randomly changed design?

This is a bit of a trivial ask, as far as things go, but my computer recently forced me to update chrome, and when I relaunched it the game of The King of Shreds and Patches I was in the middle of started looking like this:

with the words highlighted in what used to be the background color, against a now-white background, instead of having a solid orange-ish background. Does anyone happen to know what might have happened/if I can restore it to the original design? Again, very trivial ask, but the re-format’s been bugging me ever since (it just doesn’t look right to me).

Are you playing from the IFDB “play now” button? (on iplayif.com)

Looks like it might be an autosave issue.

Saving, restarting, and restoring might fix it.

Yeah, I have been

I gave that a try, and weirdly, the color on the sidebars came back but the main body of the page (where the text is) is still messed up.